Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve

Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve (henceforth MER) is the only elephant reserve for Eastern India population of elephant in West Bengal, India. The area of this elephant reserve is 414.06 sq.km. and adjoining 1436 sq.km. area is also declared as 'Zone of Influence'.  The elephant population in MER increased from 47 in 1987 to 118 in 2010. The forest department plays an important role here to protect the species and the habitat too. During my studies I have closely attached with the ground level staffs and really their efforts are appreciable. 
But, there are some problems too, which we can discuss to eliminate. There is a need to review the 'Zone of Influence' as it was identified and declared a decade ago. I need comments/suggestions on this problem from all friend and and later we can discuss the new problems too.

You can read the notification on MER declaration of government by clicking:  http://www.wildbengal.com/urls/con_ar_er_mayurjharna.htm

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